Saturday, February 2, 2008


Doing something a little different this time around, since this "film" is really just a young girl messing around on her computer. Since it's intended more as a YouTube clip than a legitimate cinematic effort, I'm going to cut the creator (a young girl who simply calls herself Lex Zombie) some slack. I'm including here because as slight as it is, I still kinda liked it.

This three-and-a-half-minute clip consists of a series of still photos, tied together by a voice-over narration describing an apocalypse-survival scenario. Despite the homemade "production," there's a stark, minimalist atmosphere to the opening that I actually found quite intriguing.* I wouldn't have minded a much longer story in this style, but Lex opts instead to string together pictures of various zombie films to a pop-punk song. Disappointing, sure, but like I said, I think she was just killing a slow evening.

*(It wasn't until a couple of days after I watched this that I realized why I enjoyed those opening "scenes." When I was a kid Golden Books released a series of videos that employed a similarly low-tech approach: essentially panning a camera over the illustrations of previously published books, along with hollow narration. Even as a child I knew what a cheap technique this was, yet in spite of that--maybe because of it--I was still captivated by the stories. I think Lex's video brought back a subconscious recollection of those days. Or not. I'm rambling now.)

Hey Lex, how 'bout a whole movie next time?

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