Friday, February 29, 2008


A short film by Mike Lombardo of Reel Splatter Productions, DEMONSTRATION OF THE DEAD is an entry in the DIARY OF THE DEAD contest, in which contestants submit their own media-bites of the zombie outbreak. DEMONSTRATION was the first clip I viewed, and still remains my favorite.

Shot as an on-location news segment about a living-dead rights group, the short's premise isn't exactly fresh, but is played with a clever sense of humor and affection for the genre (I love the protesters' chant, "Hey, hey, George A., how many undead you kill today?"). Fans of written zombies will get a kick out of the "celebrity" cameo by author Brian Keene, who vainly tries to deflect the reporter's accusations. It's a great little bit. (Keene may not be the greatest actor in the world, but he does show some comedic flair--though his reaction to the ending of THE RISING is, shall we say, rather genuine.)

Because it's part of an ongoing competition, I won't include the video here (as is the case with any entries I review, at least until the contest's over), but you can follow the link below and vote Booyah to this well-made short.


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