Saturday, February 2, 2008


An interesting offering for today's entry, a 2006 amateur-made film set to the music of the indie band Laconic Zero. And while their brand of hypnotic, electronic metal wasn't my cup of tea, writer/editor/director Dag Solvberg shows a decent visual flair, even if the end result isn't completely enthralling.

The premise of this short is simple: a picnicking couple breaks out their Laconic Zero record and kick-starts a mini-outbreak of the undead. Utilizing black-and-white photography to largely successful effect, Solvberg creates a permeating aura of dread that doesn't quite mesh with the overbearing soundtrack (the short would've worked much better with a subtler musical selection, or possibly no music at all); he also accentuates his monochromatic color scheme by adding splashes of red during the zombie attacks, a technique that's grown a bit tired of late (not to mention it's used inconsistently here).

There's also some interesting frame-within-a-frame work going on near the end, which would've come off better without the cheap digital effects added in. A little more of this, or maybe some split-screen action, would've made the drawn-out climax a little less boring.

As fan-oriented projects go, this wasn't half-bad. Perhaps when Solvberg creates his next tribute his filmmaking chops will have improved.

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