Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Don't let the title fool you; this greasy slice of Spanish exploitation has nothing to do with exorcism, but it was a horror flick released in 1973, which meant somebody was going to cram that lucrative word in somewhere. No, director Manuel Cano--who made an appearance on this blog with his subsequent effort THE SWAMP OF THE RAVENS--riffs off THE MUMMY in this mostly bloodless affair.

What promises to be a gleefully sleazy romp (in a decidedly un-P.C. prologue, two Caucasian actors playing "natives" in black makeup are punished for adultery in a voodoo ritual light on coherency, but heavy on jiggling indigenous titty) soon devolves into a leaden, dialogue-heavy melodrama about a mummified voodoo priest and his search for the reincarnation of his long-lost love (yawn). It's all been done before, and several times since, usually with a greater demonstration of skill.

Here's a more watchable version courtesy of Gangrene Widescreen:

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