Friday, March 28, 2008


RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, the last of the runners-up in the DIARY OF THE DEAD short film contest, really confounds me. Out of all the entrants--I can’t remember exactly how many there were, but there were at least a few dozen--the judges couldn’t find another more deserving film? There’s nothing here, no story, no character, simply a couple of joggers running from the living dead as a godawful pseudo-Johnny Cash tune grates away on the soundtrack. While a decent starting point for a short, it simply lays out its premise, throws in a couple of really fucking stupid CGI moments, suggests the barest hint of unexplored dark humor, and ends. This is indicative of Romero’s influence? Shit, I found myself thinking more of the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake, which (not to knock Zack Snyder’s version) is quite an insult to the man. And yet it’s making its way to the DIARY OF THE DEAD DVD? What the fuck, people?

Regardless of what I may think, congratulations to the winners. (Once again, see it at

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