Wednesday, March 19, 2008


We've covered 1950's-inspired zombie flicks here already, from the well-intentioned but flawed instructional video parody HOW TO SURVIVE A ZOMBIE ATTACK to Andrew Currie's wonderful FIDO. Today's entry, GUY'S GUIDE TO ZOMBIES, lampoons the Eisenhower-era newsreel in an attempt to inform you--the moral, upstanding American citizen--how to productively function in an increasingly zombie-friendly society.

This animated short from Daniel and Matthew Austin duplicates the look and sound of those vintage newsreels, complete with scratched film stock and a nostalgic hiss on the soundtrack. The humor is often clever, even if does touch on the usual topics (I liked the visual demonstration on how the zombie virus affects the human body), but it manages to cover a lot of ground and packs a remarkable amount of detail into each frame. One of the better shorts I've seen a while, both retro and zombie fans will dig it.

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