Sunday, March 2, 2008


Yeah, another DIARY OF THE DEAD contest entry, this one from Keith M. Bates. (If it makes you feel better, I'm getting a little tired of these, too; patience, gentle readers, I'll be spacing them out soon.) CARPE NOCTEM tackles the classic they're-attacking-the-installation scenario, ostensibly on the same night Romero's original takes place.

Besides being just a vignette, and a fragment of one at that, NOCTEM is shoddily written, with odious acting. I realize that some of these shorts may be produced by amateurs, bu c'mon people, isn't there a community theater near you? (I'd also like to take a second and pimp the experimental film EXQUISITE CORPSE, a collection of short films based on the writings of Michael Arnzen. Anyone submitting to this contest would do well to study it, to see that it is possible to make a short film--with a true beginning, middle, and end--in under three minutes.)

Without the technical polish to compensate for its sketch of a premise, CARPE NOCTEM doesn't add up to much.


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