Sunday, March 2, 2008


BODY FARM, a short film credited to FGCU Zombie Film, is another applicant in the DIARY OF THE DEAD contest. (Hopefully, you're not getting tired of seeing these. They're not only an excellent way of maintaining a one-a-day status when real life gets hectic, but many of these shorts are fascinating.) Structurally I didn't care for it--the meat of the story is a daydream, capped with an or-is-it ending, is trite and done beyond death--but this tale of a student and his professor visiting his school's "body farm" at least displays some decent visual style. Yes, we've all seen zombies emerging from an elevator and hordes of zombified faces pressed against windows, but as far as capturing the spirit and feel of Romero's work (an aspect of the contest that's frequently overlooked), BODY FARM shines.

My biggest quibble is the horrendously disproportionate sound quality, which renders the dialogue all but inaudible yet leaves the physical sound effects ear-splittingly loud. And daydream or not, having a character stand his ground and shoot zombies when running is a far clearer alternative gets on my nerves.


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