Sunday, August 31, 2008


What. The. Fuck.

Not to be confused with the recent short film GAY ZOMBIE, or the reprehensible FLAMING GAY ZOMBIES I foisted upon you a few weeks ago, I came across this amateurish mess while searching for obscure films to review. Supposedly begun as a home movie in 1986 (which would explain the horrific "production values"--this thing's as aesthetically pleasing as an Argentinian snuff flick) by writer/director Mike O'Dea, and apparently not the same Mike O'Dea behind the film TOWNIES, GAY ZOMBIES was made intermittently over the last twelve years, never to be truly completed and dumped as a multi-part upload on YouTube (where I found it, and scavanged the above data).

So stupid and pointless it borders on the avant garde, it's the perfect vehicle for people who think Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are unappreciated geniuses. And though it treats its gay zombies, who appear more like zombie mimes, with as much sensitivity as a frat hazing, it at least gives redneck assholes the same treatment. However, the only demographic it truly insults are the dumbasses who actually watch it.

Jesus Christ on a hand-cart, this is probably the worst-made "movies" I've seen for this blog (gotta love the scene where the rain smothers 98% of the audio), and that includes the stuff made by kids in their backyard; the only difference here is a plethora of F-bombs and some shadow-sodomy.

As much fun as drowning puppies.

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