Friday, August 22, 2008


The title ZOMBIE JAZZ invokes some pretty vivid imagery: a smoky coffeehouse, filmed in crisp black-and-white, filled with finger-snapping hepcats surrounding a stage as an undead poet, beret cocked on his mangled skull, recites beatnik verse in guttural tones. The accompanying music would be real smooth, you dig?

Steve Dunnington's 2007 short film ZOMBIE JAZZ couldn't be any more removed from that scenario if it'd been called ZOMBIE ZYDECO JAMBOREE.

By now I should know better, but for some reason (perhaps the sixteen-hour day at the theater I've just put in) I expected something different than the amateurish "horror-comedy" that I got. This thing's ridiculous even by home-movie standards.

At least it's only four minutes long.

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