Thursday, August 21, 2008


GRAVE ROBBERS is an unremarkable Mexican outing that, like the recently reviewed EVIL CLUTCH, isn't good enough to be entertaining, yet doesn't achieve the right level of stupidity to still be watchable. Director Ruben Galindo Jr.'s 1990 film certainly has its share of unintended laughs, but not enough to make it worth the investment.

A group of treasure-seeking teens break into the subterranean tomb of a satanic priest, only to resurrect him as a vengeance-hungry zombie. In addition to killing those who disturbed his grave, the priest is also out to impregnate a virgin for the birth of the Antichrist.

The first hour of GRAVE ROBBERS is horrendously bogged down with laborious action and nonsensical dialogue; really, the movie couldn't have been less boring if the DVD was blank. The final third act almost compensates for this tedium with some pretty decent gore (including a grisly ax to the face) and the kind of illogical filmmaking bad movie buffs yearn for. But GRAVE ROBBERS can't maintain its manic brainlessness, and crumbles long before its sappy ending.

Worth a derisive chuckle maybe, but GRAVE ROBBERS falls short of the gold standard of TROLL 2.

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