Sunday, May 18, 2008


THE LOST ZOMBIE is a 2008 short film submitted to me for review by writer/director Marshaa Robinson. At two and a half minutes it barely qualifies as a vignette, much less a fully-developed story, but at least possesses the kernel of a premise that would benefit from a more fleshed-out take. (Marshaa didn't include any additional information on her short, but from what I could gather this seems like a student production, and the abbreviated length may have been a prerequisite.)

The threadbare story, told in narration by a thoroughly awful voice-over (note: make sure your actor can read from a script without stumbling over his words before hiring him), deals with a young man named Daniel who has a "pet" zombie--in the sketchily-drawn back story, the living dead are rather commonplace--and his troublesome relationship with bullying Jessica, who seems to resent his zombie. The reason for Jessica's behavior lies at the heart of the story's conflict, which could've been quite resonant if it had a chance to fully develop, and didn't suffer from a pat, tidy conclusion.

With any luck, Marshaa will be able to expand on this brief short and play upon some of the intriguing ideas she suggests; there's a chance here to explore the themes of loss, grief, and hope. What I think would be really interesting--and I'm being serious here--if this short were re-done as a children's story; it has just that right touch of sweetness to it that what make it work. And hey--wouldn't we all like to see more kids' stories about the living dead?

I've been having trouble getting the film to load, so I'm not posting it here, but maybe you'll have better luck: THE LOST ZOMBIE.

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