Friday, May 2, 2008


I first heard about AWAKENING ZOMBIES when director Sr. Guijarro sent me a link to his film, a busy yet lightweight short made, I believe, in 2008. Always one to check out new films, and hopefully discover a new talent, I gave it a try. Well, I don't know about an up and coming talent, but I at least found a whacked-out way to spend nine and a half minutes.

Since the film is in Spanish with no subtitles, I have no idea what AWAKENING ZOMBIES is actually about, but from what I could tell it deals with an Andy Kaufman lookalike relating a story about some sort of bar/club/rave involving the living dead (and masked wrestlers, vampires, some dude in washed-out clown makeup, and hot chicks--which always translates well into any language). The action is brisk with plenty of gore and a rousing metal soundtrack that carries the film along, though I must admit the non-English dialogue is probably more of an asset than a problem, since it gives the proceedings a delirious, almost psychedelic feel--I'd bet if we could understand what was being said, it wouldn't be as fun. Though gleefully chaotic, it's very much an amateur film (and if you couldn't tell, Guijarro gives it away by ending with the worst reaction shot ever recorded).

Yet it's hard to begrudge Guijarro's obvious affection for the genre, as he displays influences like Rob Zombie and FROM DUSK 'TIL DAWN (whether or not that's a good thing is for you to decide). Mindlessly enjoyable.

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