Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Emphasizing science fiction (or fictional science, to be more accurate) over horror, 1955's CREATURE WITH THE ATOM BRAIN is one of the many films during the Cold War era that played on the country's fear of the atom and featured foreign villains at work in the US. This time around, it's a former Nazi scientist--mad, of course--and his bid to return an American gangster to power, using an army of dead criminals reanimated by atomic energy.

Written by THE WOLF MAN's Curt Siodmak and directed by Edward L. Cahn, CREATURE plays like most sci-fi thrillers of the 1950's, though there's little action on hand and what we do get is rather stiff and unexciting. Like most of Cahn's output, there are a few brief moments of interest but the overall effect in pretty unmemorable. How unmemorable, you ask? Well, see how short this review is?

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