Saturday, July 5, 2008


We may have wrapped up our look at the ZOMBIE BLOODBATH films, but weren't not finished with Todd Sheets just yet (or should that be, he isn't finished with us?). Squeezed onto the BLOODBATH DVD as an added bonus, the 1986 short DEAD THINGS shows that Sheets has been up to his brand of cinematic chicanery for quite some time.

Billed as "A Heapin' Helpin' of Hellbent Hillbilly Hospitality," it's probably more accurate to call it "A Heapin' Helpin' of Ham-Fisted, Hare-Brained Horseshit." A woefully thin entry in the backwoods-killer subgenre, DEAD THINGS concerns a group of city folk who encounter a murderous, and EXTREMELY stereotypical, hillbilly and his Chop Top-wannabe son. City folk run. Hillbillies catch them. Kill them.

Fortunately, a last-minute reveal informs us that the hillbillies are the living dead, and "y'cain't kill what's already dead!" (Though, if I'm not mistaken, the odds were pretty much in favor of the, shall we say, Appalachian Americans.) Thus, this fifteen-minute slice of tomfoolery is suitable for this blog, and therefore worth sitting through.

(Can't find a version of this one to show you, but if you've got Netflix or a similar service, it's worth renting ZOMBIE BLOODBATH just for this painfully amusing short.)

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