Saturday, April 19, 2008


God, do I have to go through this again? Having watched the 1999 short NIGHT OF THE HUNGRY DEAD I can't help but sound like a broken record, if I may break out that anachronistic ol' saw. Ever read a previous review of a badly made short film that I hated? Then this one's going to feel awfully familiar.

Set in some backwater redneck hellhole--if the hair and wardrobe of the characters are any indication--this alleged horror-comedy sticks with the standard "we're trapped in the house by zombies and can't get out" scenario, throwing in a ponytailed douchebag who likes to poison his guests. Filled to bursting with moronic people who spew their asinine dialogue in the shrillest manner possible and displaying a staggering lack of creativity at every turn, the movie plays like a thirty-minute icepick lobotomy. Director Ron McLellan gets it all wrong, whether it's cribbing from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (to no effect) or littering his intro with typos and grammatical errors, it's clear that he possesses not a whit of filmmaking savvy. Unfunny. Unscary. Poorly written, directed, and acted.

This movie sucks. I hated it. After suffering through these clips, you'll hate it, too.

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